We Have Exciting News!

Luxuriously Natural Soaps Studio

We have exciting news! 

Last September we were hit by a terrible hurricane.  Hurricane Florence managed to damage our home and workshop.   We have had so many customers asking where we have been.  We are updating everyone and are trying to keep everyone posted on our progress.  While we are trying to rebuild we are also trying to restore Luxuriously Natural Soaps.  Boy is it a lot of work!   We have learned so many lessons in this ordeal.  But we will be better people from this experience afterward.

So what are we doing? 

Well, firstly we are setting up a new studio.


We are searching out supplies and working hard behind the scenes to make it happen.  Feel free to help if you like on a Gofundme campaign.  We lost the greenhouse where all our herbs were growing for our soaps and lotions. So many ingredients will need to be shipped in until we can build another greenhouse. We are also checking out marketplaces and auctions for commercial equipment.   Our new workshop was just brought in since the previous workspace is too damaged from the storm. Take a look and see how it was delivered on our Youtube Channel.

Stay tuned so we can keep you posted as to our progress.   We are getting closer with each passing day.  We are excited!  Are you ready?  You won’t have to wait too much longer.  Follow us on Facebook for day to day notes, tips and progress.  We have lots to share.

Many more plans are coming down the pipeline.   There are plans for new products such as creams, hair shampoo and conditioners, salves and of course our very popular soaps and candles you’ve always enjoyed.

We wanted to say a huge thank you to all our supporters. 

You have been there for us in so many ways and there are never enough words to express our gratitude.

Thank you also for being patient with us as we update our website, blogs, and other social media.  But the end result is so that you will enjoy the very things that are special to us as well.

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