Luxuriously Natural Soaps
  • Himalayan Bath Soak

    Indulge Himalayan Salt Bath

    Create your own relaxing spa experience!  Soak in warm water containing  Himalayan Salt. Indulge your senses with lavender, peppermint, and chamomile for a soft relaxing fragrance.

    100% unrefined, additive-free Himalayan pink salt, containing 84 minerals and trace elements with numerous health benefits.


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  • LNS Product Catalog

    ebook: Luxuriously Natural Soaps Product Catalog

    Luxuriously Natural Soaps is a 100% natural skincare bath and body store that cares about you. We grow many of the herbs in our garden on site! We make totally natural products for the whole family including pets.

    Download our print catalog to order for your business.  Visit us today to order your soaps at  If you are looking for wholesale options or specific products or ingredients please contact us.

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  • Lanolin Shaving Soap

    Lanolin Shaving Soap

    Gentlemen, check out our latest shave soap.  Lanolin Shaving Soap is a lather bomb, and you can even use it as a shaving cream.  A little bit goes a long way, so don’t overdo it.

    This soap contains natural lanolin that will leave your skin exceptionally soft. Not to mention, the ingredients in this soap are beneficial to delicate complexions and sensitive skins. This is one of our most loved sensitive skin soaps for men.

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  • Gardener's Hands Soap

    Gardener’s Hands Soap

    Gardener’s Hands Soap is created with your hands in mind. Our natural formula gently cleanses while protecting against dry skin and chapping. Our Gardener’s Hand Soap is perfect for getting rid of dirt and grime that hands can accumulate from digging, gardening, or any other type of tough work they encounter. Handcrafted from coconut, olive, and vegetable oils, this rich formula softens and protects even the driest hands. Use Gardener’s soap for a smooth and nourished feel after cleaning or yard work.

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  • Bag of Soap

    Bag of Soap

    From time to time we like to give you a chance to try our products.  This month we are doing:

    ♥ Let’s have a giveaway ♥ ✨ Natural Soaps $8 + shipping.
    We have a bunch of soaps that are older and lost scent but are still very good in quality. They are 100% natural. The older they get the milder they become. So these are awesome! Receive a bag of Assorted Soaps for only $8.00 plus shipping and handling. Made from 100% natural ingredients like rosemary, lavender♥ Let’s have a giveaway ♥ ✨ And don’t forget to tag someone who you think would love one too.
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  • Essence of Cognac Beard Oil

    Essence of Cognac Beard Oil

    Rise Above the Occasion and Discover The Essence of Cognac Today! A masculine scent with plenty of skin-loving ingredients perfect for powerful men in fancy suits, or the common gentleman with powerful decisions to make. Experience the complexity of a good cognac scented beard oil and feel the rich smoothness of this heady spirit on a regular basis. Guaranteed to get a feel of living the high life. Light and quick-absorbing. Non-greasy.  Just right for the man on the go.

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Candle Collection

Add a beautiful candle for just the right occasion.

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Fresh Pine Needles
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Fresh Pine Needles

Nothing is more nostalgic than the smell of a fresh-cut Pine Tree.  This beautiful candle mixes modern, simple, and a sleek design with natural ingredients. Our non-metal wick provides a clean, pure burn time of approximately 30 hours.

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Special Occasion Collection

Do you have a special occasion to prepare for. We can customize something just for your occasion!

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Monthly Subscription Box
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Monthly Subscription Box

Luxuriously Natural Box of the Month is the subscription box for those who are looking to pamper themselves and to transform their bath into the ultimate relaxation occasion.  5-7 Items per box beautifully packaged for a lovely unboxing experience.

Each Subscription Box Has A Retail Value Of Up To $75.00!

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