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Muscle Rub with Menthol

After a good soak in the tub try using one of our muscle rubs.  The cooling effect of the menthol really feels penetrating and refreshing. This Shea & Olive Oil based product is infused with comfrey, rosemary, tea tree, Helichrysum, vitamin E, lavender, plantain & other botanicals. It contains emollient ingredients. You can use it for eczema, burns, wounds, cuts aches, and pains of every description.

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Muscle Rub was created to make the healing process simple and easy. This is a salve with cooling effects on wounds, bug bites, rashes, small cuts, dry skin, cracks in hands and feet, and even great for facial fine lines and sun damage. Made with all-natural ingredients of olive oil infused with comfrey infusion that has been mixed with other higher quality essential oils to add extra benefit to your skin. It is a very effective salve that can start working as soon as you apply it to achy muscles.

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